Wide-Body Dump Truck
Total Power:
Max. Torque:
Load Weight


Product Description

The new designed low-stress and high-strength frame effectively prevents the fatigue breakage of frame and reduce the overall stress level by 51% compared with competing products.

The hydro-penumatic suspension technology is applied to replace the traditional leaf spring structure, remarkably improve the life and comfort of the machine , thoroughly solve the frequent breakage problem of front suspension leaf springs in the industry, and promote the attendance rate of the machine. The hydro-pneumatic suspension features excellent shock-absorbing and damping performance to remarkably improve the load application of frame and prolong the life of frame.

Front oil and gas suspension, buffer, vibration reduction are significantly improved; Greatly reducing the impact force of the frame, cab and other heavy parts, reduce the occurrence of various faults, and extend the life of the vehicle;Thoroughly solve the fracture problem of front plate spring.

The vehicle steering is easier to solve the problem of heavy mechanical steering caused by heavy truck in the industry;Equipped with emergency steering, to solve the problem of steering failure after engine flameout or steering pump failure.

– Sany intelligent control module with electrical fault self-diagnosis system can troubleshoot some problems automatically.

– 10 “central control screen equipped with reversing camera, bluetooth connection, compatible with intelligent mine management system.The built-in GPS module can effectively monitor the vehicle operation.

Solve the problem of severe power decline caused by thermal recession in the braking system of vehicles under heavy load downhill condition;To solve the problem that the brake system cannot meet the requirements of the working condition, the customer needs to install the brake spray to reduce the operating cost.

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