Cutting Motor Power:
Max/economic cutting UCS:
Cutting Height/Width:
2.7 ~5.1m/3.6~6.2m
For All Coal seam/half coal seam/All Rock Seam



Product Description

Product Advantages and Features:

The main structural parts are welded by high-strength steel plate. The strength of the finite element analysis design is more than three times the safety factor. Each link pin shear strength is more than five times the safety factor. Designed fatigue life is infinite life,reducing cracking. All welds are subjected to non-destructive testing, level set to level A, prevent welding. Connection with special threaded connection, ensure that it is not loose under strong vibration.

China’s first telescopic section equipped with double telescopic cylinders, solved the problem of offset for cutting the main bearing, Patent No. L200920012452.8.

Efficient rock breaking, loading and dust removal technology, solved the problem of tunneling roadway with the whole rock. The self-developed cutting head and pick design increase the cutting capacity by 30% and the rock breaking capacity by 20%.

The first variable load-sensitive pump for the hydraulic system of the roadheader, low heat generation, high efficiency, stability.

Expert diagnostic system, real-time collection of the work condition of the roadheader, display working status. Summarize four thousand devices information, effectively provide customers with the cause of the failure and how to eliminate it.

Lead the industrial model to the roadheader, the patent won the Geneva Prize and the China Gold Award, patent No-ZL200730285323.0. The equipment is powerful and the hydraulic system is configured high, safety intelligent electrical control system with high reliability and low failure rate.

Three-stage damping technology, get the best shock absorption performance. Patented cutting pick arrangement, flexible transmission, Damping structure, Solve damage to the equipment and important parts caused by the vibration of the cutting machine.

Fully sealed cutting head technology, add multiple seals from the end. Effectively block dirt, dust. Solve the problem of international sealing and bearing damage of the cutting head.

The main transmission member design life is more than 10,000 hours. High transmission efficiency, stable and reliable operation, low noise.Compact and easy to install, good lubrication and long service life.

High reliability and easy maintenance. Critical parts of the hydraulic system can be quickly disassembled and repaired. Parts are equipped with quick repair tools.

All suppliers are the top three in the industry, and signed a quality assurance agreement

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