9 ton Empty Container Handler

Max. Loading Capacity:
Wheel Base:
Stacking Height:


Product Description

SANY empty container handler SDCY90K7H1 is mainly used in ports, wharfs and storage yards to transfer and stack standard, twin, hurdling and LNG empty containers of various specifications. The 9t container handler jointed Chinese and German design is reliable and convenient.

Safe and Reliable

Dynamic Anti-Rollover
Adopt intelligent control technology to detect equipment’s real-time working parameters and automatically adjust the operating status under dangerous conditions to prevent rollover.

Extra High Mast Design
F-type mast is creatively developed to minimize shaking. It resists twisting and maintains a highly rigid form.

Patented Mast Clamping Alarm
An intelligent monitoring device will detect the blocking and send alarm. The main electronic control system can lock the dangerous operations to prevent further damage, comprehensively eliminate safety hazards.

Automatic Fire Extinguishing
The automatic fire extinguisher efficiently responds to fires and provides fire containment and extinguishing functionality.

Solid Tire Flexible Suspension
Provides a damping system to achieve safer operation and lower maintenance cost. Combined with flexible suspension technology, it significantly reduces the shock load, improves operation comfort, and prolongs component longevity.

Reliable Design
A dual Chinese-German model, the equipment was designed using a full-digit prototype design system, passing FEA, dynamics simulation analysis, and the strictest endurance and vibration tests.

Power System
Using world famous brand engines like VOLVO and CUMMINS, we combine advanced power matching and control technology to produce a product that is continuously optimized dynamic conditions.


Spreader Horizontal Slew Patent Technology
Aligns and lifts with quicker speed and decreased friction between tire and floor, reducing fuel consumption and energy costs.

Easily Controlled
The centralized joystick’s inching function provides fine tuning to millimeter precision. The specialized linking design brings spreader motion under proportional control, creating perfectly unified motion.

Comfortable Operating Environment
The operator-oriented design includes a broad view of the working environment. Controls are conveniently located to reduce operator fatigue.

Hurdling Twin Container Spreader
Hurdling and twin container spreaders are developed to meet customers’needs. It can vertically rotate ±4° to improve alignment efficiency.


Hydraulic Load Sensing System
Automatically adjusts the pump displacement to ensure remarkable control. Energy costs are significantly reduced.

Dynamic Power Matching
Automatically shifts to the appropriate power level according to weight. Engine speed changes according to work conditions, greatly improving energy efficiency.

Lighter Design
Optimize the structure to make it lighter and stronger.

LNG New Fuel Technology
More economic and environmental friendly.