Gross Power:
Max. Torque:
860 Nm
Bucket capacity min.
3 m³


Product Description

♦ Equipped with China III emission engine, air-to-air cooling, four-valve structure, low noise, full combustion and high power efficiency.

♦ Equipped with Type 60 special gearbox and Longgong self-made heavy-duty drive axle, the reliability is stronger. Reinforced toothed transmission shaft for more reliable transmission.

♦ Standard pilot hydraulic operating system, flexible and precise operation, higher work efficiency. Super-strong frame structure, long wheelbase centering arrangement, reasonable bridge load distribution, more robust and durable, and the heavy load adaptability is further improved to meet the requirements of harsh working conditions.

♦ Standard 26.5-25 tires, the single-wheel bearing capacity is greatly improved. Ultra-high unloading height, large bucket capacity and high-strength design meet the needs of various working conditions.

♦ Optional bucket capacity 3.8m³ rock bucket, 4.2m³ gravel bucket and 5.6m³ coal bucket.

♦ The paint of the whole machine adopts high-grade paint, which has extremely high gloss and wear resistance, and the hardness and thickness of the paint film are fuller.

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