• Lifting and non – lifting fifth wheel for your choice and different requirements.

  • Strong, firm and durable truck body.

  • Strong tri-class reduction special axle has good bearing capacity in condition of low speed and big torque.

  • Skinned body single-side cab has broad view and good safety.

  • Combined Continental Corporation’s and VDO meters and electric system can uplift reliability.

  • Steering system has two options; wholly Hydraulic Steering System and ZF8098 Mechanic Hydraulic assisted steering system.

  • WABCO brake system and VOSS quick-connection plug ensure brake safety of heavy duty truck working.

  • There are a choice of EURO II diesel engine and EURO III LNG engine.

  • There is a choice of an Allison Hydraulic assisted Automatic Transmission and a Manual Mechanical Transmission.

    Hauler Specifications

     Model & Number HOVA ZZ5371VDMC32101
     Engine Sinotruck WD615.92C
     Rated Engine Power 196Kw/2200rpm
     Emission Standard EU III
     Gearbox Allison 3500 Automatic Transmission
     Complete Vehicle Mass 6 900 kg
     MAX Total mass of Train 70 000 kg
     MAX Speed 39 km/h
     MAX Traction 152 kN
     MAX Grade Ability 20% (Theoretical Value)
     MIN Turning Radius 6 000 mm
     Height of Coupling Automatic