SANY serialization empty container handler, the third generation classical modeling product meets your practical requirement positively. Such as horizon revolution spreader and two-container spreader manufacturing technology, self-research SYMC controller application technology, alarm technology of mast preventing from clamping, mast falling without power, CAN BUS communication and noise reduction, fire resistance, energy conservation, cooling technology, many modern technology used universally make the machine stand the world precede position.

Handling empty containers is a fast-paced job. Containers have to be moved or stacked quickly and efficiently. They must be stacked high and close together in order to exploit the available land area to the full.


  • Industrial design offers you elegant appearance and excellent operation comfort;
  • The proprietary SYMC all-purpose engineering machine motion controller;
  • Original rotary empty container spreader requires no vehicle moving to align container and reduces tyre wear;
  • Overlapped door frame contributes to excellent operator vision;
  • Full hydraulic servo assisted steering system and independent brake system;
  • Bus throttle control technique reduces oil consumption;
  • Automatic malfunction diagnosis system and real-time information display technique greatly increase working efficiency.